Anthony Township Permit Process

The construction of any structure greater than 12″ above ground level requires a zoning permit. This includes but is not limited to swimming pools (above ground and in ground), decks, porches, gazebos, additions to an existing home, barns, pole shed, garages and new homes (mobile, modular, or constructed). Failure to obtain the proper permit could result in fines of up to $500.00 per day from the date of violation. Questions regarding zoning permits should be directed to the Zoning Officer.

If you are building a new home, the first permit you should obtain is the Sewage Permit. This permit is obtained from the Township Sewage Enforcement Officer (SEO). The requirements for this permit are to have a site that has been tested and found to be acceptable for an on-lot sewage disposal system, have the required planning approvals from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and have an approved design for the construction of the sewage system. The Township SEO will instruct you on what will be required based upon your situation.

Once you have obtained sewage approval you will need a house number, which can be assigned through Tim Murphy at 570-387-4930. If the driveway will be accessing a state road, then you will need to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (Penn Dot) for a Highway Occupancy Permit. If you plan on creating any new access from your property to the road, a driveway permit must be obtained prior to construction.

Once you have obtained the sewage and driveway permits you will need to apply for a Zoning Permit and have your project Erosion & Sedimentation Pollution Control Plan reviewed by the Montour County Conservation District. This plan must either be waived or approved in writing prior to the approval of any zoning permit.

Once all documentation is reviewed by the Zoning Officer and is found to be in compliance with Township/County Subdivision/Land Development/Zoning Ordinances, a Zoning Permit will be issued. Projects must begin within 6 months from the date of issue and be completed within 2 years of issue date.

The next step will be to obtain required Building Permits. During the Zoning Permit review, the Zoning Officer will advise you if Building Permits may be required. New home construction, additions, major alterations will definitely require Building Permits. All other construction will require review to determine if permits are needed. To obtain Building Permits, contact Central Keystone COG. They will review the scope of work and explain each required permit as it applies to your project. Only after all permits are obtained may construction start.

Each project is evaluated using the above criteria, but each project will have its own unique characteristics that must be evaluated. No two projects are the same, and the requirements for permitting will vary with each individual project. You should contact the appropriate permitting official to see what will be required for your project. There are specific time limits for the issuing of permits. Ask the appropriate official what time requirements and limits apply.


  • Montour County Planning Commission: Greg Molter 570-271-3028
  • Township Sewage Enforcement Officer: Paul Rapp 570-339-7502
  • Alternate Sewage Enforcement Officer: Ken Young 570-644-0663
  • Township Office: 570-437-3270
  • PennDot, County Maintenance Office: Michael McWilliams 570-387-4250.
  • Montour County Conservation District: Sean Levan or Tyler Servose 570-271-1140
  • Zoning: Montour County Zoning Officer – Keith Rine 570-271-3021 Fax 570-271-3078
  • Building Permit: Central Keystone COG (Lewisburg) call for an appointment or any questions 570-522-1326. The Central Keystone COG is now taking care of processing the permits for any building projects.